About Isabelle Noailles

Isabelle Noailles

Drafting / CAD

Class of 2021

Biographical statement

I'm Isabelle Noailles, a sophomore at Blue Hills. I am the younger of two; I have an older brother who will be going into his sophomore year in college. He graduated from Blue Hills in 2018 in Engineering. I live with my mother and father in Randolph. I help out my middle school during the school year with the play that is put on and other art-related things.

Career goals

I plan on going to college, but currently I don't know what for.

What BHR has done for you

BHR has given me many opportunities to show leadership and be involved. Two weeks ago Blue Hills sent me to a Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership seminar at Bentley University.

Why you came to BHR instead of going to your local high school

I came to Blue Hills because I wanted to get an advance in a field.

Best advice you ever received from a teacher/parent/family member/friend

The advice I would give to an 8-grade student who is applying to BHR is to look at the programs we have and to keep your grades up.

Teacher or faculty member at BHR who has helped or inspired you the most

Mrs. Dailey has helped me improve my writing skills from when I first came to Blue Hills to now.

Who is your hero

I don't have one hero, but it would have to be all the encouraging black women in the media. They let me know that one day I can do what they are doing.

Most memorable moment at BHR

My most memorable moment at Blue Hills would be the day I got accepted into my final technical program, Drafting / CAD.